Decorating a dorm room can be tricky business because often times, you are not given much to play around with. The maximum that you are given would be some really badly made furniture and stained walls that desperately cry out for a fresh coat or two. College is going to consist of some of your most favorite and worst memories as you will experience a roller coaster of emotions when you go through the years of college. When you are in college, one minute you could be at a frat party and then in your classroom in tears as you review your exam paper with a bad grade on it. College is a roller coaster ride and during this time, having a dorm to come back to that inspires and motivates you will make you feel your best.If you’re somebody who is hoping to live in a dorm, the information that we have mentioned below will definitely help you with decorating your space and making the best out of the space that you are given.

Removable Wallpaper

Usually your dorm rooms will be painted and prepped before your arrival at the university but on the off chance that they’ve skipped over yours or you do not like the colors, you can definitely opt for installing some wallpaper as long as they won’t cause any damage to the walls and is easily removable. Adding a bit of flare to your dorm room with some removable wallpaper will be great and make your room come to life. Adding wallpaper is similar to adding decorative pieces such as school bag hooks Australia and various types of decorative furniture.

Cohesive Room

Often times, dorm rooms are meant to be shared with another student who has requested to live in a dorm and in such cases, you can make your room look the best if you speak to your roommate ahead of time and discuss how you would like to decorate the room and come to a middle ground so that the two sides of the room can look cohesive and not look like somebody threw up glitter and sparkles all over your room. For an instance, she might want some affordable cork board for sale to create a vision board and you might not like vision boards so it is important to talk things over and come to a middle ground about the room décor and the color themes. If you’re struggling to make your dorm room look good, these tips that we have mentioned above will definitely be very helpful to you.